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Earlier in the evening, Swanson added to his Toledo accolades with a sixth career pole position at the track, the 39th of his career to go along with his 36th career win. That sort of six-pack is one that Swanson never tires of. Leary, experienced an issue with the battery on his ride.

That forced the June Madison winner to the pits and, by rule, relegated him to the back of the field for the start officially 20th on the grid while Taylor Ferns became the new occupant of the outside front row. In qualifying, Ferns recorded the best starting position for a woman in USAC Silver Crown history with a third-place qualifying run, besting the previous series record of fifth, set by herself at Toledo in Swanson swooped to the lead right from the start as third-starting Justin Grant slipped under Ferns to gain the second position on the opening lap.

Meanwhile, Leary was hustling from the back of the pack, gaining entry into the top on the 27th lap and into the top-five on lap 47 as he dashed around the outside of Logan Seavey on the back straightaway on lap Just past halfway, while Swanson hastened to a commanding two-second advantage on the rest of the field on lap 56, the battle for second raged on.

As a result, Ferns spun sideways, punching through the outside Styrofoam wall while both fifth-running Leary and 15th place Travis Welpott careened nose-first into the foam. Grant spun into the infield but motored on without stopping. So, I just tried to find my rhythm and make it count. Meanwhile, Santos looked high and low to get by Grant for the second position for several laps, and his perseverance paid off when he powered around the outside of Grant for the runner-up spot in turn two on lap Yet, still, Santos had a long row to hoe with a nearly three second deficit and the clock running out.

Swanson closed the door with a 3. Action Track a decade ago in Bobby Santos Franklin, Mass. On Saturday night, he made an impressive late charge to a fourth consecutive second place Rollie Beale Classic result after winning the event back in Justin Grant Ione, Calif.

Leary, 6, Klatt Taylor Ferns, 55, Ferns Justin Grant, 91, Hemelgarn Bobby Santos, 22, DJ Logan Seavey, , Rice Kyle Robbins, 7, KR Russ Gamester, 51, Gamester Nick Hamilton, 80, Breidinger Mario Clouser, 92, Kazmark Brian Tyler, 81, BCR Mike McVetta, 94, Ram Travis Welpott, 18, Welpott Derek Bischak, , Bischak Kaylee Bryson, 26, Pierce Gregg Cory, 32, Williams Mike Haggenbottom, 24, Haggenbottom Tom Paterson, 11, Paterson Jake Day, 42, Day Dave Berkheimer, 31, Berkheimer-NT.

Kody Swanson 1 , 2. Bobby Santos 4 , 3. Justin Grant 3 , 4. Logan Seavey 5 , 5. Russ Gamester 7 , 6. Derek Bischak 19 , 7. Kyle Robbins 6 , 8. Brian Tyler 10 , 9. Mario Clouser 9 , Nick Hamilton 8 , Leary 20 , Mike McVetta 11 , Kaylee Bryson 16 , Mike Haggenbottom 18 , Gregg Cory 17 , Taylor Ferns 2 , Travis Welpott 14 , Jake Day 21 , Austin Nemire 13 , Tom Paterson 19 , Dave Berkheimer Leary, 9-Shane Cottle, Matt Westfall On the biggest stage in what has been the biggest year of his burgeoning racing career thus far, Buddy Kofoid soaked in his moment in the limelight as he stood proudly in victory lane on Thursday night.

Hats off to Cannon. It was so fun racing with him. It was a good points night, but also even better that we won at probably the coolest track in the world. Yeley for 40th all-time. Kofoid began his race from the outside of the third row all while outside front row starter and first-time BC39 participant Mitchel Moles raced away with the lead in his hands. Trouble on the opening lap put a halt to the proceedings just as they were getting underway when 20th starting Kyle Cummins hopped three times entering the third turn, which pitched his car on its left side and sent him flipping over, promptly ending his night prematurely.

Twice in the early going, McIntosh swiped the lead from Moles only to have the pass negated due to a subsequent yellow flag, which reverted the running order to the most recently scored lap, thus placing Moles back in front of McIntosh at the head of the field.

On lap 13, McIntosh shot to the lead around the outside in turn four just as Moles slipped sideways on exit. Moments later, the yellow flag was displayed yet again, this time for debris in turn one, but luckily for McIntosh, the timing was right and the pass finally stuck as the lap was completed before the caution, making him officially the new race leader. At that time, Kofoid began to inch his way forward, moving to fourth on lap On the 20th lap, amid a tussle to retain fourth with Ethan Mitchell, Kofoid ramped up the turn four cushion, then ricocheted into Mitchell at the start finish line.

As a result, Mitchell veered straight into the infield, sliding through the grass in turns three and four before returning to the dirt after free-falling to 10th. Following a yellow for a spin by Chase McDermand on lap 23, Kofoid began to make his major surge forward. Dropping back to fifth just before the caution, Kofoid picked his way to fourth on lap 24, to third on lap 25 and to second on lap 26 after rocketing underneath Moles in turn two.

Now with 11 laps to go, the fight at the front was turned up another several notches to DEFCON 1 as McIntosh and Kofoid waged an epic, unrelenting slider war that seemed as if it would never cease.

Starting with 10 to go, Kofoid shot to the bottom in turn three as McIntosh countered back under off turn four to retake the position on lap With the lead continuously changing hands, the pair exchanged slide jobs an incomprehensible 10 times in a six-lap span between laps 30 and Kofoid officially led at the stripe on laps with McIntosh regaining a slight edge on the 33rd and 34th circuits. Using the skyscraper cushion as a sort of springboard, Kofoid dug in and created some much needed separation when he crossed over McIntosh off the top of turn four with five laps remaining and bounced out from McIntosh to the tune of seven-tenths of a second.

When an infield tire marker was clipped and pushed into the racing groove in turn three, the yellow flag fell and, thus, set up one final restart with three laps to go. McIntosh took advantage of the opportunity to throw a slider on Kofoid for the lead, briefly slipping ahead before Kofoid dipped back underneath off turn two to hold serve.

A tick of the watch later, Meseraull entered the frame and double-slid both Grant and McIntosh briefly in turn three before slotting in behind McIntosh coming to the white flag. Cannon McIntosh Bixby, Okla. After losing the lead with less than 10 to go, the Okie battled his way back to the lead and fought tooth-and-nail to the final gun.

In the end, he brought it home in second-place, his best result in three BC39 starts. It was fun racing with him there and I feel like we were able to push each other to the limit without going over the limit. Thomas Meseraull San Jose, Calif. From the C to the B to the A. He remains the only driver to finish in the top in all four editions of the BC39 since Chris Windom 89x CBI , 2.

Trey Gropp 08x Dave Mac Dalby , 3. Jerry Coons Jr. Rylan Gray 06 Gray , 7. Dillon Welch 71w May , 8. Travis Buckley 7 BSL. Jade Avedisian 84 CBI , 2. Michael Pickens 17 Shophouse , 4. Jacob Denney 61 Mounce-Stout , 6. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.


Flagman legend feeder 3 25 free

Legend feeder rods are quite strong, durable and have power reserve for big fish 5– 3. Item length, m Casting Wt., g Free spool system. Матчевое удилище Flagman Squadron Pro Carp Tele Match м г (SQPTM) Катушка фидерная Flagman Sherman Pro Feeder Free Spool (SHPFS).


Flagman legend feeder 3 25 free


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You can edit, iterate, and research collaboratively. Upgrade your account to invite teammates. Heads up : There are no amended sections in this chapter. Subpart R Special Industries.

Authority : 29 U. P Add Comment. This section applies to establishments where pulp, paper, and paperboard are manufactured and converted. This section does not apply to logging and the transportation of logs to pulp, paper, and paperboard mills. Standards covering issues of occupational safety and health which have general application without regard to any specific industry are incorporated by reference in paragraphs b through m of this section and in subparagraphs 3 and 4 of this paragraph and made applicable under this section.

Power Piping, B Fuel Gas Piping, B Devices such as padlocks shall be provided for locking out the source of power at the main disconnect switch. Before any maintenance, inspection, cleaning, adjusting, or servicing of equipment electrical, mechanical, or other that requires entrance into or close contact with the machinery or equipment, the main power disconnect switch or valve, or both, controlling its source of power or flow of material, shall be locked out or blocked off with padlock, blank flange, or similar device.

Emergency lighting shall be provided wherever it is necessary for employees to remain at their machines or stations to shut down equipment in case of power failure. Emergency lighting shall be provided at stairways and passageways or aisleways used by employees for emergency exit in case of power failure. Emergency lighting shall be provided in all plant first aid and medical facilities. Where large forklift trucks, or lift trucks with clam-jaws, are used in the yard, the operator’s enclosed cab shall be provided with an escape hatch, whenever the hydraulic arm blocks escape through the side doors.

Where locomotive cranes are used for loading or unloading pulpwood, the pulpwood shall be piled so as to allow a clearance of not less than 24 inches between the pile and the end of the cab of any locomotive crane in use, when the cab is turned in any working position. Logs shall be piled in an orderly and stable manner, with no projection into walkways or roadways. Railroad cars shall not be spotted on tracks adjacent to the locomotive cranes unless a inch clearance is maintained, as required in paragraph c 2 i of this section.

The handling and storage of other materials shall conform to paragraphs c 2 i and ii of this section with respect to clearance. No person shall be permitted to walk beneath a suspended load, bucket, or hook. The air in the ship’s hold, tanks, or closed vessels shall be tested for oxygen deficiency and for both toxic and explosive gases and vapors. The hatch tender shall be required to signal the hoisting engineer to move the load only after the men working in the hold are in the clear.

Railroad flatcars for the conveyance of pulpwood loaded parallel to the length of the car shall be equipped with safety-stake pockets. When it is necessary to cut stakes, those on the unloading side should be partially cut through first, and then the binder wires cut on the opposite side. All the rods are strong, durable and have power reserve. All the rods have powerful butt section. At the same time they have fish-playing action and great casting abilities. They are a great choice for beginners due to their strength and durability.

The blank has fast action, but at the same time, the tip is soft enough for cushioning the strike and preventing hook pulls. The rod is lightweight and well-balanced. The small blank diameter improves flexural strength.

Lightweight narrow guides optimize rod action. It has fast action for great float and line control. Nevertheless the rod is quite flexible and suitable well for delicate styles of fishing with light hooklengths and small hooks. This is a multipurpose rod for all-round river and lake work. This range is designed for slider floats. However each rod can be used with various types of floats. They provide excellent line control.

At the same time their fish-playing action allows using light lines and small hooks. The rods of this series are the great choice for rivers and commercial fisheries as well. The longest rod is slightly slower than shorter models of this range.

All the rods are well-balanced and enough powerful for big fish playing. All the rods has excellent casting abilities. The small diameter blank has through action that prevents hook pulls and breakages when using light lines and delicate hook links.

At the same time it has reserve of power should that bonus fish be hooked. At the same time the butt section with power reserve helps to land big carp.

Also the blank aids casting distance and accuracy. This strong and durable rod is comfortable to hold and use all day. The semi-through action blank is great for distance casting. It has plenty of power for subduing big fish. This is a rod for both silverfish on rivers and carp on commercial fisheries. Item SPM At the same time it can be used for all variations of waggler fishing.

The blank has powerful butt section that helps to land big fish. Its moderate action is perfect for distance casting. This is the flagship series of Flagman bolognese rods. We have been producing Tregaron rods since , and they are the most technologically advanced among our model range.

The main features of these rods are light weight and excellent balance allowing to hold them without fatique for a long time. These rods also provide casting distance and accuracy. Lightweight and sensitive Tregaron bolo rods are a great choice for sportsmen and advanced anglers.

At the same time they are lightweight and well-balanced that means comfort fishing for a long time. The rods are equipped with lightweight guides which ensure better balance. These powerful rods provide enough backbone to net even big breams and chubs. They are lightweight and well balanced that allows them to be held for long periods easily.

At the same time they have power reserve enough for big bream landing. Suitable for setting big hooks and playing big fish. All pieces are reinforced with carbon strip. The powerful blanks have small diameter that is perfect for fishing in windy conditions and gives excellent flexural strength. They have high flexural strength and are great for fishing in windy conditions. These rods are an excellent choice for skimmers and roach fishing on both small and large rivers.

They are strong enough for landing bream or chub. They do not need much experience in casting and fish playing thanks to their strength and flexibility. These are great rods for all types of float work on the rivers. Due to their durability, strength and flexibility they are an excellent choice for beginners. These rods are multipurpose and can be used for float fishing on the rivers at any conditions.

The hollow tip is excellent for large hooks and medium-heavy or heavy rigs. These are the superb rods in every respect. Tregaron poles are lightweight, fast, well balanced and designed for anglers who want the very best! For improved performance I prefer Tregaron poles and bolo rods for any angling situations now. All the rods have small diameter blanks. The cushion solid tip absorbs every lunge and enables you to fish with light hooklengths.

Sportsmen often use such poles on tournaments. The blank is extremely lightweight and well-balanced. At the same time these poles are lightweight and well-balanced that means comfort fishing for a long time. The hollow rigid tip is excellent for large hooks and heavy rigs. They are quite lightweight and well-balanced nevertheless all the poles have power reserve enough for big fish landing. The hollow tips are quite rigid and work well with heavy and medium-heavy rigs which equipped with strong hooklengths and large hooks.

The pieces are reinforced with carbon strip, besides joints are reinforced with spare layers of carbon. Rigid hollow tips are great for large hooks, strong hooklengths and heavy rigs. Thanks to the small blank diameter they have high flexural strength and are great for fishing in windy conditions.

S-Power Pole is a great choice for catching large fish, such as bream, on the rivers and lakes. Quite rigid tip is optimal for medium-heavy rigs and large hooks. Solid tip is optimal for light and medium-weight rigs. They do not require much experience in casting and fish playing thanks to their strength and flexibility.

The blanks are powerful and flexible. The hollow tips are ideal for heavy rigs and large hooks. These poles are multipurpose and can be used for float fishing on rivers and lakes at any conditions. These are the tackle for any purpose of carp fishing. The rods of this series have smooth parabolic action. They absorb every lunge and still cope really well when fish of any size are hooked.

At the same time the rods are powerful that is great for distance casting with heavy leads. Large diameter guides well combine with large spool reels and allow the line to flow smoothly that increases casting potential. The series includes powerful spod rod for feeding at the long distance. Strong blank with thick walls has through action which is great for fish playing and long casting. Six large diameter guides allow the line to flow smoothly that is great for distance casting.

The rods of this series have low price for their high characteristics. The rods of this series are an optimal choice for beginners. They are durable and do not demand much experience. Thanks to special composite materials and their semi-through action they are very strong and flexible, easy to cast and play fish.

Three piece construction makes these rods convenient in transportation. Magnum Black Carp is a series of budget composite carp rods. These rods are multipurpose and can be used for carp fishing at any conditions. The rods have semi-through action and work well at short and medium distances.

Armadale is a new series of our first-class feeder reels. We have been producing this series since early These reels have lightweight plastic body, excellent balanced rotor, silent rotation — all these make your tackle both effective and comfortable. The reels of this series well combine with modern lightweight feeder rods. The large spool increases casting distance. Due to the improved spool oscillation mechanism the line wrap of the Armadale Feeder reel is exemplary and enables the use of thin braided lines.

The aluminum clip is strong and does not damage the line. The front drag gives the reel small size and durability. Armadale Feeder reels are a great combination of light weight and high retrieving power that is excellent for fast pace fishing.

Plastic body Aluminum spool Instant anti-reverse Twist protect line roller Computer rotor balance. Elongated shallow spool has conical surface so the line can to flow easily. Wormshaft oscillation system also increases casting abilities thanks to providing high quality line laying.

Actually, Armadale Big Pit is quite small and lightweight surfcasting reel optimized for feeder rods. The reel retrieves 90 cm of line per handle turn that is useful for fast pace fishing. Plastic body Aluminum spool Instant anti-reverse Twist protect line roller Computer rotor balance Wormshaft.

Elongated shallow spool has conical surface which allows easy flowing of the line. The wormshaft oscillation system gives high quality line laying that increases casting abilities. Large round handle made of EVA provides powerful and comfortable grip.

The gear provides smooth rotation; the rotor is well balanced and excludes vibration even during fast rotation.

High gear ratio combined with large spool gives high retrieving speed. The spool has two clips that increases abilities of distance fixation. It has lightweight and compact body. The gear provides silent rotation. The reel is well balanced. Double handle is traditional for match reels. It is easy to grip and gives more balance. Lightweight rotor has compact shape that minimizes inertia.

The reel comes with spare plastic spool. Due to gear ratio 6. Shallow spool profile is ideal for low diameter lines. This reel can be used on the light feeder and picker rods when fishing pace is fast and retrieve speed is needed. Free spool system prevents rod falling when the carp strikes strongly. The spools are large, but have less line capacity than the spools of carp reels that optimizes using of light lines.

Plastic body Aluminum spool Instant anti-reverse Twist protect line roller Computer rotor balance Free spool system.

These reels are characterized by high retrieving power and light weight. Large spools are great for long distance casting. The rotor is lightweight and well balanced.

The model range is wide and allows choosing optimal size for any feeder rod. Thanks to their light weight they are suitable for modern carbon feeder rods. It is characterized by high retrieving power and high retrieving speed. The large spool has two clips that increases abilities of distance fixation. The improved spool oscillation mechanism provides high quality line laying.

Item SQ All the reels are equipped with shallow aluminum spools optimized for light lines. The improved spool oscillation mechanism provides high-quality line laying. This reel retrieves line quickly thanks to the high gear ratio. It is useful feature for fast pace fishing. The reel is well-balanced. Squadron Match reel corresponds to modern lightweight rods. Shallow elongated spool is optimized for light lines and increases casting distance.

Also Cast Master reels are characterized by high retrieving power. We have been producing this model for many years and it has undergone only minor changes. The reel is so popular mostly due to its excellent durability. The last version is equipped with shallow conical spool that increases casting abilities. Free spool system prevents rod falling when a big fish strikes strongly. Powerful durable gear allows using large heavy feeders. The reel has high retrieving speed due to the high gear ratio and large spool.

They are smaller than carp reels and narrow specialized method feeder reels. Sensor Feeder reels can be used on commercial ponds and rivers. They have high retrieving power for their size. Its spool is large but shallow, optimized for light lines. At the same time the reel is equipped with free spool system, the traditional mechanism for carp fishing reels.

The retrieving power of the reel is high enough for landing large carp. This rear drag reel can be used for both match and bolognese fishing. Elongated shallow conical spool has low line capacity. It increases casting abilities due to easy flowing of the line. Double handle is easy to grip and gives more balance. High line capacity of aluminum spool is necessary for large carp playing. The front drag allows fine tuning drag power.

Also the series includes the front drag spod reel without free spool system. Aluminum shallow spool is well combined with low diameter monofilament and braided lines. The gear is characterized by smooth rotation and high retrieving power. This reel can be used on commercial ponds and rivers. Low line capacity allows using low diameter monofilament and braided lines without backing. The reels come with high line capacity spare plastic spool for using large diameter monofilament lines.

Two budget reels for float fishing. Both of them have rear drag and easy to grip double handle. At the same time these reels have different spools.

Match reel has shallow spool with low line capacity. Spool of the bolo reel has high line capacity. Both reels are compact and lightweight. Thanks to the sensitive adjustable free spool mechanism, this reel suits a wide application range. This reel with strong body and powerful gear has an excellent priceperformance ratio. High retrieving power allows using heavy feeders.

The reel has well balanced rotor and large line roller. Improved spool oscillation system gives high quality line laying. Due to compact shape and light weight it well combines with modern lightweight rods. Item MB Both of them have the same construction. The parts of the station are fitted to the hard aluminum welded frame. The station comes with a shoulder strap, 6 legs, a footplate, 3 shallow units and 1 side draw unit that is perfect for storing essential items of terminal tackle, such as: hook length boxes, line, hooks etc.

Four out of six legs have telescopic construction. The difference between two stations is in the frames and leg diameter. DKR has stronger frame and it is equipped with 36 mm legs. DKR is equipped with 25 mm legs. Due to the robust frame and strong 30 mm legs the station bears the weight up to kg. The station comes with a shoulder strap, 6 legs, a footplate and 4 shallow units and 1 side draw unit that is perfect for storing essential items of terminal tackle, such as; hook length boxes, line, hooks etc.

All the legs have telescopic construction. You can use any accessories designed for 30 mm legs. The station has quite compact transporting size. It combines comfort of chair and abilities of seatbox.

The adjustable legs allow placing the chair on the sloped coast and using seat box accessories. You can buy the footplate which gives more comfort. The back rest is foldable and its slope is adjustable. Footplate which is intended for using with our feeder chair FTH It gives more comfort and allows placing chair over the water surface.

Large size and additional tilt facility give maximum protection. Telescopic brolly arm provides adjustable height. The cap keeps your groundbait out of sunlight and rain. A rigid hoop fitted for attaching to seatbox or chair legs Item TH Very stable, rigid and strong feeder arm with dual fixing points. It is a great choice for long heavy feeder rods and for any situations when the hardness is needed. A stable feeder arm designed with dual fixing points which enables it to be fitted below the frame of your seatbox.

Ideal for using with long feeder rods. A lightweight feeder arm with one fixing point. You can place your rod where you need thanks to complete horizontal and vertical adjustment. Designed for storing your top-kits safely.

Made of EVA. Fitted for attaching to a seatbox or chair legs. Made of soft EVA with a standard screw thread, can be fitted to a standard bankstick or tripod. A straight telescopic arm allows to place your keepnet were you need. Can be rotated into any position. The curved shape prevents the rod from being pulled off the rest by an aggressive take that is often encountered when fishing a method feeder.

It protects both the rod and guides from damage. A roller with soft EVA coat. Have a standard screw thread and can be fitted to a standard bankstick. This adapter allows fast fitting of different accessories without dismounting other accessories which are fitted on the leg. This arm gives brolly ultimate stability. It can be rotated to the needed position for optimum coverage.

Can be used for feeder fishing. Due to the folding telescopic construction the tripod has compact transport size. Item FZ All Flagman net handles are equipped with standard screw fitting and can be used with any net heads. Due to the three piece construction it has a quite small transportation length. The handle is well balanced and suitable for lightweight net heads. This handle is a nice choice for the fast pace fishing. At the same time it is lightweight and well balanced. It bears quite heavy net heads and can be used for both large and small fish landing.

It has five piece construction and is five meters long that allows using it with long rods. Despite of its many piece construction and long length this handle is rigid, lightweight and well balanced. It can be used with quite large net heads for big fish landing. It has an original feature: the EVA cap that is fitted on the top section. You will never lose this cap! When you fold the handle the cap closes it automatically. It is equipped with additional non-slip rubber grip near the net head that is needed when big fish is landed.

This is an excellent net handle for targeted fishing carp and other big fish. Item CMP It can be used for both feeder and float fishing. All Flagman net handles are equipped with standard screw fitting and can be used with any net head.