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Sounds convoluted if one reads our discussion, but it actually is very straight forward. Adobe Animate CC was released in November Ars Technica. What’s New in Adobe Animate?

Mask adobe animate cc free

In twenty minutes, this Adobe Animation tutorial will teach you how to create a basic character using the bone tool. The speed and direction of the limbs’ movement are limited to create more realistic animations. For instance, the elbow can be bent only . Double-click the icon in front of the text layer name, or select the text layer and choose Modify > Timeline > Layer Properties. The Layer Properties dialog box appears. Select Mask and click OK. The text layer becomes a Mask layer, indicated by the mask icon in front of the layer name. Mar 14,  · How to create a mask in adobe animate.


Mask adobe animate cc free. Animate CC Tutorials


Cf spotlight effects and transitions, use a mask layer to create a hole through which underlying layers are visible. A mask item can be a filled shape, a type object, an instance of a graphic symbol, or a movie clip.

Group multiple layers under a single mask layer to create sophisticated effects. To create dynamic effects, animate a mask anijate. For a filled shape used as a mask, use mssk tweening; for a type object, graphic instance, or movie clip, mask adobe animate cc free motion tweening.

When using a movie clip instance as a mask, animate the mask along a motion path. To create a mask layer, place a mask item on the layer to use as a mask. Instead of having sdobe fill or stroke, the mask item acts as a window that reveals the area of linked afobe beneath it.

The rest of the mask layer conceals everything except what shows through the mask item. A mask layer can contain only one mask item. A mask layer cannot be inside a button, and you cannot apply a mask to another mask. To create a mask layer from a movie clip, use ActionScript. A mask layer created with ActionScript can be applied only to another movie clip. The adoge tools cannot be used on objects on mask layers and layers containing 3D objects cannot be used as mask layers.

For источник information about the 3D tools, see 3D graphics. You can use mask mask adobe animate cc free to reveal portions of a picture or graphic in the layer below. To нажмите для продолжения a mask, you specify that a layer adobw a mask layer, and either draw or place a filled shape on that layer. You can use any filled shape, including groups, text, and symbols, as a mask. The mask layer reveals the area of linked layers beneath mask adobe animate cc free filled shape.

Place a filled shape, text, or an instance of a symbol on the mask layer. Animate ignores bitmaps, gradients, transparency, colors, and frwe styles in a mask layer.

Any filled area is completely transparent in the mask; any non-filled area is opaque. If the mask object is a type object or graphic symbol instance, apply motion tweening to the object.

Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. User Guide Cancel. About mask mask adobe animate cc free. Work with mask layers. Create a mask layer. Select or create a layer containing the objects to appear inside the mask. A mask layer always masks the layer immediately below for windows 10 64 create the adobr layer in the proper place. A mask layer icon indicates the mask layer.

The layer immediately below it is linked to the mask приведу ссылку, and its contents show through the filled area on the mask. The masked layer name is indented, and its icon changes to a masked layer icon. To display the mask adobe animate cc free effect in Animate, lock the mask layer and the masked layer.

Mask additional layers after creating a mask layer. Do one of the following:. Drag an existing layer directly below the mask layer. Create a new layer anywhere below the mask layer. Unlink layers from a mask layer. Select the layer to unlink and do one of the following:. Drag the layer above the mask layer. Animate a filled shape, type object, or graphic symbol instance on a mask layer.

Select the mask layer in the Timeline. To unlock the mask layer, click in the Lock column. If the mask mask adobe animate cc free is a filled shape, apply shape tweening to the object. When the animation operation is complete, click in the Lock column for the mask layer to adpbe the layer. Animate a movie clip перейти a mask layer. Apply motion tweening to animahe movie clip. When the animation procedure is fres, click the Back button to return to document-editing mode.

To lock the layer again, click in the Lock column for the mask layer. More like this Motion tweens. Sign in to your account. Maks in. Quick links View all your plans Manage your plans.